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YEP and Lucky Labs talked about entrepreneurship and gave startupers gifts at YouthDay Festival in Kyiv

YEP and Lucky Labs talked about entrepreneurship and gave startupers gifts at YouthDay Festival in Kyiv

On June 24, the visitors of the YouthDay festival competed in their knowledge about startups in three games and won presents. Young people compared startups and countries of their founding, as well as guessing the age of the founders of the world's most famous startups. It turns out that WordPress, Mozilla Firefox, Tumbler were founded by students, as well as the famous Microsoft and Facebook.

Students were given the opportunity to express all that frustrates them on an improvised wall from the network of academic business incubators YEP and IT company Lucky Labs. Each startup begins with finding the actual problem for future users. Therefore, all the wall inscriptions will be used by YEP residents to find their ideas in the future.

YEP program manager Kateryna Sapnova held a lecture about how to become an entrepreneur and why the university is the best place for that.

On the YEP location, one could find out how much you're a startuper, drink orange lemonade, and make a selfie with giant oranges. We are grateful to the organizers of YouthDay for the opportunity to hold the Youth Day!

*YouthDay Festival is organized for youth by youth for the second time jointly with the Kyiv City State Administration, the Youth and Sports Department of Kyiv, the Kyiv Youth Center and the NGO Shchos’ Vazhlyve with the support of the Public Budget of Kyiv and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine

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Today village libraries in Ukraine suffer a lack of modern and high quality children’s literature. While situation with fiction literature is satisfactory, quantity of popular science literature is reported to be insufficient. In terms of this, the charitable project LuckyBooks sent to libraries in Ukrainian villages a new book by Andrii Tuzhykov called A Brief History of Technology: How


Three young activists - Ievhenii Bozhevskyi from Dnipro, Valentyna Rotari from Balti in Moldova, and Mariana Korolchuk from Ivano-Frankivsk first met at YEP Summer StartUp Camp 2018, the international entrepreneurship camp. “The international entrepreneurship camp was held in Kyiv in July, 11-15. After several days the young people worked out a unique project called Silince,” write


A lecture for project managers who are beginners in IT field was held at Projector school in Kyiv. The main topic of the lecture was defined as follows: “What should project managers without technical background know about the process of web development?” Olha Koroleva, Project Manager from the company Lucky Labs, held the lecture. The issues concerning efficiency in project managem