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On Friday, January 12, a number of Ukrainian media reported that Lucky Labs office was subjected to searches, with reference to the messages of the press service of the company. Lucky Labs press service did not make this statement. The letter was distributed from the Gmail account, while the company's mail services worked properly. This is how the fake newsletter looked like:

For a year and a half Lucky Labs has been under pressure due to the corporate conflict, and this is not the first media provocation of such kind. One can easily read in the media who is behind this conflict.

The negative campaign against Lucky Labs was organized in a complex with "force support". On Friday, January 12, the staff of the Department of protection of the national statehood (!) of Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) really entered the building on 3 Krakovskaya St. The security officials had a court decision for a search in the company IT Solutions, which has nothing to do with either Lucky Labs and or this address. Instead at this address is a partner company of Lucky Labs – Soft Solutions LTD. The representatives of the Security Service were quite okay with the absence of the sought-after enterprise. So they carefully studied the premises of Soft Solutions LTD.

We are dealing with an unprecedented made-to-order search in the company Soft Solutions LTD, starting from the obviously unjustified court decision for a search, ending with the presence of the SSU on behalf of the military prosecutor's office in the office of the IT company.

Media provocation and simultaneous conduct of a search by the SSU cannot be taken for an accident. This is not the first time when some security officials exert illegal pressure on our company. We expect that both the Security Service of Ukraine and the Main Military Prosecutor's Office will resolutely condemn the pressure on IT business in Ukraine in general and on our company in particular. After all, interference of security officials in corporate conflicts is unacceptable and destructive for the country.

We urge media representatives not to succumb to provocations and to check information. For all comments on the work of Lucky Labs please contact exclusively All official statements of the company are published on the official website and Facebook page.

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A platform for searching volunteers called VolunData and an app with the nearest healthy food restaurants EatLook won the fight among students’ startups based on the results of international Summer StartUp Camp. The network of business-incubators YEP! organized a startup camp for 65 students from Ukraine and Moldova. For five days and for free it’s participants were taught how to t


The programming course Create Your Game on Unity 3D has finished in the Children’s Library in Podil. For three months the schoolchildren from Kiyv and Kyiv region studied the basics of the software engineering, the principles of code writing and creating original games in the most popular platform Unity 3D. Free courses were organized by IT Company Lucky Labs. In the course of lectures c


Technologies in IT education are changing rapidly: many teaching methods are constantly being improved, depending on new market requirements. IT company Lucky Labs has developed a unique training program for schoolchildren who want to become programmers. It is based on key trends of modern IT education - less interval and gamification. The first principle consists in laconic forms of training w