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IT Company Lucky Labs Opened a Free Space in Sievierodonetsk

IT Company Lucky Labs Opened a Free Space in Sievierodonetsk

25 board games aimed at developing logic, abstract thinking, imagination and communication skills appeared in the Sievierodonetsk city library for children. A free space in the library was created with the support of the IT company Lucky Labs within a charitable project #D20.

Children from the camp within the local club “Iskra” took part in the presentation of the #D20 project. The children formed four teams and played more than ten different games.

“I liked two games – Abalone and Kamisado – most of all. They resemble me checkers, and the game process is very pleasant. I also discovered several new games – Racing Hedgehogs and Dixit, which are both very intrigue. I would like to play them with my classmates”, expressed his opinion Maxym Kovaliev, who is 10 years old.

The representatives of the local authority believe that this project will attract additional interest to the library and assist in organizing children’s leisure.

“Independent summer camps have been closed in Sievierodonetsk for already several years, camps exist only within schools and clubs. As a result a part of children has nothing to do. Here they can pleasantly spend time with friends. We are happy that our library with the help of such initiatives got the opportunity to develop and be actively involved in the organization of children’s leasure”, noted Tetiana Hrachieva, the chief of the department of culture at the Sievierodonetsk city council.

The management of the library is sure that #D20 space will lay the foundation for global changes in the library.

“We applied for a grant in order to open game space in our library several years ago. We required funds for buying a collection of games, tables, soft floor covering and pouffes. But our requests were denied. We believe that existence of this collection will help us obtain financial resources to repair the floor and paint walls, as well as to purchase necessary furniture”, said Sergii Bezmenov, the employee of the Sievierodonetsk city library for children.

The organizers of the #D20 project say that its name comes from a special 20-sided dice used in board games.

“The #D20 collection has a great potential capacity for developing of both the younger generation and adults. Games teach children to formulate their thoughts accurately, improve social ties, evolve imagination and logic… I believe that books and board games are interconnected in this exact way. I am sure that a lot of children who will become the visitors of this space will soon turn into the active library visitors. Many board games require additional knowledge that can be gained from books”, states Olga Fedina, the mentor of the #D20 project and the director of the Client Relations Department from Lucky Labs.

The library in Sievierodonetsk became the second one in which the #D20 project was established. Earlier the room with board games was opened in one of the libraries in Kyiv. Lucky Labs plans to open several more #D20 rooms in different cities and towns of Ukraine by the end of the year. The company accepts requests from the libraries that want to participate in the project on e-mail

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