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Banana DNA Was Detached at the Book Arsenal

Banana DNA Was Detached at the Book Arsenal

This and other experiments for children were held at the presentation of the new book within LuckyBooks project “Summer in the DNA Length” by Alina Shtefan.

The book in the form of adventure novel provides its readers with simple answers to complicated questions, for example: How a gene can be modified? What is 4D life printer? Can mammoth be cloned?

“We are now entering the age of biotechnology. It has already become an important part of our life. I find it quite interesting to tell my own children, who are also teens, and everyone, who is interested in biotechnology but would like to read amusing story in addition to plain facts, how biologists are changing the world”, says the author of the book Alina Shtefan, who is also the doctor, biologist, journalists and mother of three children.

The date of the presentation of the book coincided with the LuckyBooks birthday. Around 6000 copies of popular science books were published within the project during a year. Over 30 educational events took place in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Mariupil, Sievierodonetsk and other cities.

“Actually a year ago at the Book Arsenal we together with the IT Company Lucky Labs announced the start of our charitable initiative. This year LuckyBooks became the key partner of the children program at the Book Arsenal and assisted in bringing the unique virtual reality project “Acquaintance with Tukoni” to life”, says Marta Levchenko, the director of “I am the Future of Ukraine” Charitable Foundation and the co-founder of LuckyBooks.

The representatives of LuckyBooks held an interactive lecture for children, detached the banana DNA and proved that every human being was a tropical fruit by 50% at the presentation of the book “Summer in the DNA Length”. Moreover, the lecture explained how this experiment could be repeated at home.

Andrii, who is 9 years old, was among those lucky ones who succeeded in detaching the banana DNA at the Book Arsenal: “I was worried as it was the first time I was doing something like this. Lessons at school don’t give an opportunity to get such an experience. I liked it very much. What is more, it even encouraged me to become a biologist”.

In the near future “Summer in the DNA Length” will be sent to the libraries and orphanages in the Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine. According to the LuckyBooks representatives, different surprises will await children during presentations of the book in regions.

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