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The role of women in Ukrainian IT companies becomes more significant and evident year by year. Women hold top positions not only in administrative, marketing and management departments (HR directors, deputies CEO). They tend to occupy the position of Team Lead in strictly technical spheres (operations director, project and delivery manager, heads of divisions). A steady increasing trend of the


How can corporate events help developing intrateam relations? Why is it worth not cutting costs on team building? What can employees’ involvement be resulted in? We are talking about modern corporate parties, their emotional component and key objectives with Anastasiia Feoktistova, Event Manager and International Communications Manager at Lucky Labs IT company.


Lucky Labs has partnered with the network of academic business incubators YEP, which provide business education for young people to develop the business ecosystem of Ukraine. According to Digital entrepreneurship in Ukraine, 400 startups are launched every year in Ukraine. Only a few of them succeed. What is needed is comprehensive and systematic business development. Our company is happy to join


Flashmob # pіdbery - one of the ideas that emerged during the ecological literary workshop for teenagers from LakіBuks. Trainer course was the famous writer, winner of the Children's Book of the Air Force in 2016. Galina Tkachuk. Under her leadership, the children wrote a book on the problem of garbage in Ukraine. The end of the workshop, noted in a bookstore "Smoloskyp". &nb


How did video games evolve from the first ping-pong on the oscilloscope to modern virtual reality helmets? How one can explain to a child what bitcoin is and what the reasons for implanting nanorobots are? Andriy Tuzhykov, the young writer and prize winner of literature competitions, raised these questions before beginning the work on his book A Brief History of Technology: How to Understand One&r


IT specialists from Lucky Labs, EasyPay and GlobalLogic told Ukrainian HR managers how to find and engage the experienced and professional programmers. This and other issues that became a pain in the neck for many IT recruiters were discussed during the conference «TechCamp: Recruiters Pain in 2018» this weekend. Vlad Sidorenko, senior JavaScript developer from Lucky Labs, drew atte